About Our Business Banking Services

We understand small business is the engine for the communities we serve. We make every effort to understand your business and work with you to achieve your goals.

Business Cash Management Services

Online Banking

West Valley National Bank offers cash management through internet banking allowing businesses to manage their finances around the clock. Businesses can originate ACH files, wire transfers, receive electronic account statements, and pay bills all with 24/7 access to accounts wherever there is internet access. We also offer positive pay services to help business track and mitigate fraud.

Remote Deposit Capture

If you would like the convenience of depositing your checks from the comfort of your desk, call us for a demonstration of our remote deposit capture product. It is like having a full service branch in your office.

Merchant Bankcard Services

West Valley National Bank has partnered with EMS-Arizona to provide merchant processing solutions for our clients. Expand your business by accepting credit cards where you do business. Increase your sales and provide more purchase options for your clients.

Business Debit Cards

West Valley National Bank has partnered with MoneyPass to offer our clients nationwide ATM access and point of sale purchase power. Please visit http://www.moneypass.com to find the nearest ATM to you.

Credit Cards

West Valley National Bank has partnered with Elan Financial to provide a wide array of credit card options. Our clients can depend on us to provide convenience and dependability. Our business credit card will allow purchase authorization levels to maximize internal controls. Look into a West Valley National Bank business credit card today.

Courier Services

For businesses that want the ease of having a courier carry your deposits to the bank for you, or if you need important documents delivered to our lenders, we offer a door to door courier service.

Sweep Services

West Valley National Bank is able to provide businesses with the ability to sweep funds for overdraft protection, to maintain balances in a money market account or to simply aid in cash flow management.

Lock Box

If your business has a high volume of account receivables, contact us to see how we can simplify the way you collect and process these payments.

Debit Cards

West Valley National Bank has partnered with MoneyPass to give our clients access to a wide network of Arizona ATM's as well as the majority of ATM locations across the United States. Utilize our ATM deposit only services for your business today. We also offer Point of Sale purchase capability utilizing the West Valley National Bank Debit Card.


West Valley National Bank has a night-drop to provide 24 hour service to our clients.