Core Values

By publishing our Core Values West Valley National Bank declares the standards the Bank and its employees are held to WVNB views personal integrity and strong ethical behavior as the foundation of its operating system.  Leadership’s commitment to WVNB’s values is a key factor in the success of our stakeholder’s performance. Articulating our values has allowed WVNB to achieve a balance in the depth of product we can offer our clients, and to change scope with environmental changes. WVNB and its stakeholders operate with the following values at their core.

Respect For All Stakeholders

Respect is the foundation of all business West Valley National Bank conducts. Understanding and respecting the needs of our stakeholders, clients, and our shareholders, is what the success of WVNB is built on.

Partnering With Our Communities

Sustainability of a community is dependent on businesses that provide services and products that promote commerce and culture. West Valley National Bank strives to be a leader in shaping the future of our communities through proactive participation and interaction to assist local business reach their goals.

Personalized Accessible Services

West Valley National Bank, takes the time and care to deliver the services and products that ensure our customers success. Meeting the needs of our clients is the goal at the heart of WVNB. We attain this goal by understanding our clients needs and wants and delivering that to them in the best of our ability, whether that be a personal interaction, a high-tech transaction or a combination of the two.

Stakeholder Confidence

The customers, employees and shareholders have entrusted West Valley National Bank to protect their best interests. WVNB is dedicated to promoting financial literacy, protecting the privacy, and maintaining the confidence of  all parties, by holding integrity in the highest regard.

Pride of Ownership

West Valley National Bank is locally owned and conducts businesses with integrity and a strong ethical standard. WVNB is the community in which we proudly operate. WVNB is proud of our communities, our clients, our work ethic all of which we attribute our success to. We are committed to growing our future by promoting the success of our stakeholders in responsible, sustainable ways.