Your funds will be deposited in West Valley National Bank ® (WVNB®), an FDIC insured bank.  FDIC insurance covers an individual account holder for up to the maximum amount allowed by law in accounts held at WVNB®.  For more information about FDIC insurance, please visit www.fdic.gov. For more information about WVNB®, please visit www.wvnb.net.

You can learn more about AZ Dental Bank and WVNB on the FDIC website by using the “Find Your Bank” link: www.fdic.gov. Just type West Valley National Bank® in the name field, “Arizona” in the state field, and click “Find”. West Valley National Bank® and AZ Dental Bank®, the dental banking division of WVNB®, are the same institution. No deposits or loans will be held at AZ Dental Bank®.