West Valley National Bank is one of a few Arizona's locally owned and operated community bank. Founded by local business leaders, the Bank fills a much needed niche. For too long, Maricopa County has been served only by large institutions led by out of state ownership and management. We want to help local businesses control their own destiny by providing exceptional financial services delivered by local residents. Read More

Core Values

Core Values

By articulating core values, West Valley National Bank makes public the definition of an operating environment that has, at its foundation, integrity and ethical behavior. Leadership commitment to values is a most important success factor with employee performance being measured based on their embodiment of the values. Values achieve a balance between an organization being too broad as to not have relevance and too narrow not being able to provide guidance as the business environment changes. Hence, WVNB operates with the following values at its core.

Respect for all stakeholders

Success for West Valley National Bank is assured through respect for everyone associated with our institution. We have the utmost regard for the needs of our stakeholders: our customers, our employees, and our shareholders. Respect is the foundation of how we do business.

Partnering with our communities

The sustainability of the populations we serve is dependent on providing services and products that promote commerce and culture. West Valley National Bank strives to be a leader in shaping the future of our communities through proactive participation in and interaction with local business.

Accessible, personalized services

Meeting the focused needs of our customers is a goal that is at the heart of how we conduct our business. We are committed to providing a variety of ways of doing business whether our customers prefer high tech or personal interaction or a combination of the two. West Valley National Bank takes the time and utmost care in delivering services and products to ensure customer success.

Stakeholder confidence

The customers, employees, and shareholders of West Valley National Bank can trust us to protect their best interests. We are dedicated to maintaining their confidence, protecting their identity, and promoting their financial literacy. Our integrity is above question in all that we do.

Pride of ownership

West Valley National Bank is locally owned and conducts business in accordance with the highest ethical standards. We ARE the communities in which we operate. We are proud of who we are, to whom we provide services, who we support, and why we exist. We are committed to growing our future with our stakeholders in responsible and sustainable ways.